Sunday, August 2, 2009


aussieangel2 has reclaimed five books:
Turtle Beach by Blanche d'Alpuget
Boss of Bosses: The Fall of the Godfather by Joseph O'Brien & Andris Kurins
A Child Called 'It' by Dave Pelzer
Losing Alexandria by Victoria Thompson
The Runes of War by Jane Welch

and selected five books:
Fearless Loving by Rhonda Britten
The Llama Parlour by Kathy Lette
Shopgirl by Steve Martin
About Time 3 by Lawrence Miles & Tat Wood
LeadBelly: Inside Australia's Underworld Wars by John Silvester and Andrew Rule

and replaced them with:
Second Sight by Isobel Bird
Revenge of the Revenant by Paul Michael Christison
Swift As Desire by Laura Esquivel
The Road From Coorain: An Australian Memoir by Jill Ker Conway
A Time Of Dying by Richard Kirk
The Frozen God by Richard Kirk
Tall Poppies: Successful Australian Women Talk by Susan Mitchell
The Ultimate book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes by Allan Pease
Going Against The Grain by Linda Taylor
Feral Palit by Robin Wallace-Crabbe

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