Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Poll

I'm a little concerned by some books which have been in the hands of Australia Post for unusually long periods, and I'd like to propose that when a book is lost in the mail the recipient will be entitled to make another selection from the available books.

This will reduce the overall number of books in the box, but it shouldn't result in anyone having to send out more books than they're taken from (or donated to) the VBB.

I've created a poll to see how everyone feels about this - please take a moment to vote and register your opinion. I've set the close date for this poll to be quite long to allow time for people who are currently travelling to participate.


catsalive said...

As long as everyone promises to journal when they receive it. At least one person only seems to journal when they've read the book.

freelunch said...

I would check with each recipient before offering them a replacement book to ensure their book hadn't yet arrived.

catsalive said...

Good thinking!